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black and white photograph of two tall buildings in the distance with parking spaces on each side
The Philosopher of the Boudoir: Photo
Celebrating social awkwardness as a lifestyle choice
a person walking in front of a tall building with multiple windows and balconies
Mostly signs (some portents)
a tall building next to a bridge in the middle of a city with lots of windows
Architecture of Doom: Photo
a tall building with balconies on the windows
Photography series aim to preserve Eastern Bloc architecture
Social Modernism photography by BACU | Housing complex in Wroclaw, Poland 1968-1973
the stairs are covered in blue and white graffiti
a large concrete structure sitting on top of a cement field
dionisio gonzalez imagines disaster resistant surrealist structures
the entrance to a modern building with circular windows
COS Buildings - COS
COS Buildings - COS
several different shapes and sizes of windows on a cement wall with squares in them,
Symphony of windows
an apartment building with multiple balconies and plants growing on the balconies
Cascading Brick Arches Feature in Penda's Residential Tower in Tel Aviv
the interior of a modern building with spiral staircases
Armani Fifth Ave. / Massimiliano & Doriana Fuksas
an old building with round windows and circular balconies on the side, in front of bare trees
x over it
socialistmodernism: Block of flats, Tashkent,... | x over it
a planter sitting in front of a building made out of white shelling and round windows
B a r - S a n
cars are parked on the side of an empty parking lot in front of tall buildings
a black and white photo of a building made out of concrete blocks
too many design