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an orange margarita being poured into a glass
Olive Garden Italian Margarita
This Olive Garden Italian Margarita is the best copycat recipe for Olive Garden’s famous Amaretto Margarita. Made with 5 simple ingredients in just a few minutes, you can easily make this copycat recipe at home.
a close up of a drink on a table with fruit and mint garnish
Blackberry Bourbon Berry Smash
Blackberry Bourbon Berry Smash - SnackSeek
lemon drop shots with sugar on the rim
Easy Vodka Lemon Drop Shots (3 ingredients)
how to make pineapple dole whip jello shots for desserts and drinks
Dole Whip Jello Shots
Dole Whip jello shots are sweet, tropical, and creamy. These easy-to-make Jello shots put a boozy spin on the famous Disney treat.
a close up of a drink on a table
Hawaiian Margarita Cocktail with Pineapple & Coconut
pineapple and coconut margarita in a glass with the words pineapple and coconut margarita
How to Make the Painkiller Cocktail, a Vacation in a Glass
white peach sangria with fresh fruit in it
White Peach Sangria
While I am happy to enjoy a glass of sangria any time of the year, this light and fruity white peach sangria is particularly perfect for summer. It is easy to make with with Moscato, peach schnapps, peach juice, and fresh peaches and raspberries.
someone pouring pineapple margarita into a glass cup with the words frozen pineapple margaritas in it
Frozen Pineapple Margaritas ~ Totally refreshing and perfectly sweet tart!
this is a collage of lemonade and ice cream in glasses with the text, chick - fil - a frosted lemonade
Copycat Chick-fil-A Frosted Lemonade
Chick-fil-A Frosted Lemonade Recipe {Copycat} - Belly Full
the lemon iced drink is being poured into a glass
Limoncello Spritz | The Bubbliest Lemon Cocktail!
Halloween Lemonade
10min · 3 servings Invite the ghosts, it’s time for a party! And it starts off with this bloody good cocktail. Cheers! INGREDIENTS: • 1 white chocolate bar • Cotton candy • Colored edible glitter • Lemonade • Black food coloring KITCHENWARE: • 3 martini glasses • 1 little bell STEPS: • Melt the white chocolate, and draw a spiderweb in each glass. Remove the tongue of the bell and fill the bell with cotton candy. Sprinkle colored edible glitter in the center, close it, and unmold. Repeat the process 3 times. • Color the remaining white chocolate using black food coloring, and draw eyes and a mouth on each ghost. Pour the lemonade into each glass, place the cotton candy ghosts on top, serve, and enjoy!
the ingredients to make pineapple juice are displayed on a counter top, including a can of pink lemonade and a bottle of dole pineapple juice
Pineapple Pink Lemonade Soda
Cotton Candy Mocktails
20min · 4 servings Here's what you're going to need for your Super Easy Cotton Candy Mocktails: INGREDIENTS • 1 bag or tub of Cotton Candy • 750 ml Sparkling Pink Lemonade • 4-6 pieces of Rainbow Candy • Sanding Sugar/Crystal Sugar in Rainbow colors (we used hot pink, yellow, green, light blue, and purple); you can usually find this in the cake decorating section SUPPLIES • 4-6 glasses • 1 side plate • 1 bowl filled with about an 1" of water (the bowl must be large enough to dip the rim of your glass into) • 4-6 bamboo sticks or drink picks (this will be for your Rainbow candy)