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an image of a halloween decoration on instagram
13 Halloween Products You Won't Find in Stores - Grandin Road Blog
a skeleton wearing a black dress with purple flowers on it's head and hands
a group of creepy dolls sitting on top of a brown cloth covered chair with red hair
a person is painting a paper mache on a mannequin's head
DIY Flapper Mannequin Hat Stand
DIY Flapper Mannequin Hat Stand
two people are taking pictures with their cell phones in front of an air force display
The General Lee Real Life Jump! #dukesofhazzard #stunt #funny #genarallee
how to make a balloon out of a paper cup with pictures and instructions for making it
How to Make Mannequin Heads (with Pictures)
a close up of a mannequin's head on a table
How to Make Cheesecloth Ghosts for Your Halloween Decor
a tombstone with moss growing out of it and a fake pig in the grass next to it
a halloween wreath with a witch doll on it
a creepy witch head hanging on the wall
Creepy Wicked Witch Halloween Wreath
a white teddy bear wearing a black headband and standing on its hind legs in front of a wooden fence
Mummy Corpse Barbie
someone is making a ghost pillow out of white fabric on the table with their hand
Pottery Barn Ghost Pillow DIY - A Wonderful Thought
a red spider sitting on top of a white wall next to a green tree branch
Incandescent Christmas Light Bulbs
an ornament in the shape of a hedgehog is hanging from a christmas tree
an old fashioned doll wearing a netted black hat with netting on it's head
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Halloween Phunny
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a doll made out of fabric with hair on it's head and eyes closed
a stuffed animal with long hair and eyes
the diagram shows how to measure an object
witch or Santa hat
an old teddy bear sitting on top of a wooden table next to two pumpkins
a small black hat with flowers on it sitting on top of a doily covered table
Bed Spring Witch Hat Halloween
a witches hat sitting on top of a wooden bench
a wizard hat sitting on top of a table next to an old book and card
an old fashioned gummy machine with skulls in it
Other - Showcase your most recent craft!
Make a potion with me!
a black bird sitting on top of a basket filled with skulls
a hand holding an open box with a small white ghost in it and some flowers on the inside
halloween decorations made to look like skulls and pumpkins
I survived a devastating house fire in 2016.  I found my mother's burned and broken kewpie dolls.  She came from an impoverished and abusive home.  I knew they would one day become art.  The theme of perseverence honors her with this dark work.  It is also a reference to Christ's resurrection and his never-ending protection and guidance, no matter the situation. Junk Art, Victorian Dolls, Found Object Art, Kewpie Doll, Haunted Dolls, House Fire, Creepy Kids
The Body was Missing
Construction made of burned kewpie doll from a devastating house fire to honor the theme of Perseverence for Kobo Gallery's 15th anniversary in Savannah GA.
three ceramic figurines sitting on top of a chess board
The Bailey Family Assemblages
a creepy doll with glowing eyes sitting in a caged container on top of a wooden table
an old fashioned doll sitting on top of a box with a key in it's mouth
AP 3D Design
a small tin can with a little boy sitting on it's back and wearing a party hat
Assignment: Assemblage Sculpture
a robot sitting on top of a wooden chair
RB-21 LEFT by RobertDampier on DeviantArt
RB-21 LEFT by RobertDampier
an old clock with a baby doll sitting on it's head and holding a wrench
a human skeleton hanging from a candelabra
Skeleton Fairies