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an aerial view of the ocean and land
Top 10: Disse ture skal du gå på de danske øer
a large white cliff with rocks and gravel on the ground next to it, under a cloudy blue sky
Fur - Danmarks mest eksotiske ø - SarahintheGreen Rejseblog
an image of a rocky beach with trees on the cliff side and water in the foreground
Danske dinosaurer og fossilsteder
Møns Klint, Denmark
a statue of a man sitting on top of a table holding a large metal object
Holger Danske - Wikipedia, den frie encyklopædi
Holger Danske "når Danmark stander i våde, så vil Holger Danske vågne op til dåd.", (When Denmark is in danger, he will rise to fight!)
an old black and white photo of a man in a top hat standing next to a fence
H.C. Andersen - Dansk eventyrdigter og forfatter -
Eventyret og fortællingerne lever . H.C. Andersen var en fortællingens mester kendt ude i den store verden - for netop sine fortællinger. Fotografi fra København, 1862.
an old photo of a man with tattoos on his chest
Dengang der var konger til...
Frederik den Niende
a person holding up a doughnut in front of a yellow building
Copenhagen On A Budget: The Complete Travel Guide
The best things to do in Copenhagen, Denmark.
the front cover of a book with an image of a house and boat in water
11 Places to Visit in Denmark (That Aren't Copenhagen) • The Blonde Abroad
11 steder at besøge i Danmark (der ikke er København) • Den blondine i udlandet
an open air market with the words why you need to go to paproen
Why you need to visit Papirøen when in Copenhagen
a woman is standing in front of some metal structures
17 Most Instagrammable Places in Copenhagen - The Travelling Frenchy
an old poster shows people waiting to get on the bus and go home from work
The story goes that the danish artist Viggo Vagnby made ​​this poster in 1959. Not before 27 years later, when the poster was used as wrapping paper for other posters, to be sent to England to participate in a poster contest. By a mistake the poster was taken for a competition poster - and won the contest! Since 1986 the poster from Viggo Vagnby has branded Copenhagen, and the poster has given the city a reputation, where even ducks are helped across the street.
a bottle of beer sitting on top of a white table
a sign with a dog holding a beer bottle
Nye skilte |
Nye skilte
there is a poster with a bird flying in the sky and words that read, meet you in denmark
DANSK PLAKAT KUNST Plakat med ramme 100 x 60 cm | Køb online |