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a person walking down a sidewalk next to a palm tree on a white and blue background
Rashid's Wood and Textile Craft Center | illustrarch
Rashid’s Wood and Textile Craft Center / Mariam Osama Abdel Ghany - illustrarch
a map showing the location of several different areas in the ocean, including land and water
Account Suspended
Narragansett Bay, RI | Structures of Coastal Resilience
two drawings of different shapes and sizes of objects
Joern Utzon. Architectural Review v.135 n.807 May 1964, 313
Joern Utzon. Architectural Review May 1964
a model of a building with stairs and windows on the top floor, against a black background
N - A R C H I T E K T U R
Convention Centre of Aragon, Zaragoza, Spain / Nieto Sobejano Arquitectos
black and white photograph of an abstract structure
Performing Arts Center – High Line – New York - Paperblog
Performing Arts Center – High Line – New York
four different views of the same object in various stages of construction, with multiple sections cut out from each other
TIANJIN | Projects & Construction
an architectural diagram showing the various sections of a building with different levels and heights, including two
Modular farm tower for sites across Africa wins international skyscraper competition
Farm tower proposed for Africa wins international skyscraper competition
a large triangular shaped piece of paper with trees on it
The Architectural Review Folio
Spine 3 Narrative Drawing - Site Plan and Section | Max Bontoft
an image of a tree that has been cut into pieces and is surrounded by other trees
Architects Imagine A “Living Skyscraper” That’s One With Nature
Architects Imagine A "Living Skyscraper" That's One With Nature
two diagrams showing the floor plan for an apartment building with multiple levels and different areas
BNY Contemporary
suckerPUNCH » BNY ContemporarysuckerPUNCH
an artistic display with multiple pieces of furniture
BNY Contemporary
Architecture student projects by Melissa Shin
an artistic mural on the side of a building
A&D Awards brings the best of the A&D Trophy Awards and A&D China Awards
Peter Cook - Skywaft Ville Quarts de travail, 1985