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كيا ميدونستن هركي ميدونست 💛كامنت بزاره
a close up of a printer on a table next to flowers and a potted plant
Ribbon Printers | Ribbon & Sash Printing Machine UK
NawRuz_Persian New Year_Haftsin_decorative eggs_sabzeh Art, Design, Interior, Décor, Iranian New Year, Eid, Norouz Design, Nowruz, Norooz Design
NawRuz 2022
a table with flowers and candles on it in front of a mirror that is reflecting the room
""هفت سين""
a white coffee table topped with lots of food
a table topped with bowls filled with food next to a chair and potted plant
والا دیگه همه دیالوگاشم حفظیم🥲😂😂💔