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To engage your core effectively, imagine you’re about to receive a light punch in the stomach. As you anticipate, contract your abdominal muscles by pulling your belly button toward your spine. This action activates both the upper and lower abdominals. Maintain a controlled contraction, ensuring you can still breathe comfortably. Imagine creating a protective shield around your midsection. #beginnerworkout #core #homeworkout #bodyweightworkout
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Level 1 Inversion & Class Sequencing Theory
Presentation is so important to ensure that: 1. You're students are listening. 2. You're students are learning. 3. You're students are safe! This week on my Patreon page we discuss class sequencing theory and implementation alongside a level 1 inversion & trick! I specifically design my level 1 aerial yoga class so that people become progressively more comfortable with the fabric throughout the class and they learn to trust themselves and learn to trust me as the expert!
a poster showing the different types of yoga poses and their corresponding positions for each individual
December 2013 – The Twisted Monkey
a woman is doing yoga poses for you to try in the morning and night time
Aerial Yoga
a woman is doing yoga in a hammock
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two women doing yoga poses in the living room with their feet on each other's heads
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a man and woman doing yoga poses on their stomachs, with one holding the other upside down
Father and daughter doing yoga. #JustCute #fathersdayfitness
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