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an apple computer sitting on top of a wooden desk
Less wires makes an efficient workplace | SACKit.eu
A tidy desk is the key for an efficient workspace. Wireless chargers are a must have for the neat home office. And why not treat your office with something stylish while you’re at it. Let Team SACKit inspire you how to make that cozy, neat and efficient workspace. #office #desk #homeoffice #interiordesign | SACKit.eu
an electronic device sitting on top of a table next to a coffee cup and book
Get fantastic quality and sound with SACKit WOOFit Go X – sackit.eu
Because of its size you can bring it wherever you want and always enjoy your favorite music 🔊🎶 The front of the WOOFit Go x is changeable so you easily can remove and replace it with the colour you want. Connect you phone via bluetooth and pick up the phone and talk wireless when you´re driving or cooking 📞 #listentomusic #speaker – sackit.eu
an electronic device sitting on top of a white table next to a cactus in a pot
Fast wireless charging - sackit.eu
Charge your phone fast with SACKit CHARGEit dock care. The care model is a sustainable version of CHARGEit dock. it´s covered with fabric made of reused plastic bottles ♻️ Make CHARGEit dock care an effective part of your worksation and let the sleek design become a part of your enviorment #ecofriendly #wirelesscharging #fastcharge - sackit.eu
a pair of headphones sitting on top of a desk
Home office headphones | The perfect headphones for working from home | sackit.eu
Complete your home office setup with headphones with amazing sound and a microphone for zoom meetings #homeoffice #zoommeetings | sackit.eu
a woman sitting at a table with headphones on her ears while using a laptop
Inspiring home work spaces | SACKit.eu
Decorate your Home Office with stylish and wireless chargers, headsets and earphones. 🎧🎵 Get a wireless charger for your headset and phone and you will be set for a good day of work! 🖥 Creative idea for decorating your home office and the modern home. #home #office #ideas | SACKit.eu
a black and silver clock sitting on top of a white table next to a pillow
Small office space ideas | SACKit
Get ready for the weekend with a wireless charger from SACKit! Get rid of the wires in your home and get a stylish, modern charger that suit the decor! 👀✨ Simply lay your phone, headphones or even batteries for the SACKit Light 150 and it will charge right away. 🔌⚡ #charger #modern #scandinavian | Home Office | Danish Design | Quality materials | SACKit
the headphones are hanging on the wood paneled wall in this office space,
Creative home office ideas | SACKit.eu
Is your desk not big enough or do you need a simple idea for your Home Office? 💡🖥 Here is a good solution to find space for various SACKit products, such as TOUCHit headphones, CHARGEit and more! 🎧🎵 Get all the essential office accessories at SACKit! #homeoffice #housedecor #scandinavian | Danish Design | Modern | Headphones | SACKit
a white desk with a black chair next to it and a lamp on the wall
Lighting idea for home office – Danish design lamp – multifunctional lamp | SACKit.eu
This lamp is as a home office lamp for any home office. It is a multifunctional lamp and a dimmable lamp as well. The lamp from SACKit can even be used as a full replacement for any other light source. You can use the lamp wherever you want – both inside and outside. In sunshine or in rain. On land or in water. Use it as home office lamp and bring it to the bedroom for a bedside light at night – everything is possible #homeofficelamp #sackit | SACKit.eu