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an image of a sculpture made out of plastic
Welkom ~ Glasfusing
two glass clowns are standing next to each other on black stands with green and blue stripes
a metal rack with magnets on it and a toy dog hanging from the side
forskellige former for navneskilte
black and white photograph of various pieces of art that appear to have been cut open
a living room with a couch, television and art work on the wall above it
Galerie - Frans Houben
a multicolored stained glass window sitting on top of a wooden floor next to a white fence
Patch | Etsy
there is a sculpture made out of different colored glass pieces on a white table top
kleine bloem
some blue flowers are in the middle of green leaves and grass on a clear day
bloemen rond
two glass figurines with blue and white stripes on them, one is holding a ball
Shop | Hilaris Art
three glass figurines sitting on top of a piece of wood
blue flowers are displayed on a white wall
Blue Flowers – vierkant 75 x 75 cm
a blue and white glass plate sitting on top of a table next to a window
Ailsa Nicholson, Whitby based artist specialising in fused glass and ceramic art. On-Site gallery open Friday, Saturday and Sunday.