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an old green car with the word dodge on it
an old school green car with chrome wheels
three different colored vans are shown in this drawing technique, one is yellow and the other is red
a painting of an orange muscle car on the beach with palm trees in the background
Muscle car and sunset beach near by Syd Mead
an old school van with the word shakedown on it's front and side
an old model truck is shown in this image - Kris's 3D Renderings Photos
illustration Volkswagen, Vehicle Design, Car Artwork
MAZ-200 "BADASS", Andrey Tkachenko
a yellow van with the word cool on it
an old red truck with the number 15 on it's front and side wheels
Cars As Characters: The Art Of Damon Moran - Speedhunters
an old red race car with the number 11 on it's side and luggage in the back
ZIS - ROBOTRUCK, Andrey Tkachenko
ArtStation - ZIS - ROBOTRUCK, Andrey Tkachenko