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an open closet with clothes hanging on the rail and coat rack in front of it
Moderne villa | Kubik indretning | Indretningsprojekter i ind- og udland
a hallway with white cabinets and coat racks
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an empty room with white furniture and mirrors on the wall, in front of a large window
החורף כאן וזה הרהיט שחייבים עכשיו בכל בית
a white cabinet with drawers and pictures on the wall next to it in a living room
an organized closet with clothes and shoes
Et hjem med passion for træ
Mat lyst udtryk i entréen
a white wall with wooden crosses and vases next to it on a table in front of a potted plant
Kryds og bolle
an open door leading to a hallway with pictures on the wall and coat hooks hanging from it
A fuss-free and laid back Dutch home (my scandinavian home)
A fuss-free and laid back Dutch home
three birds flying in the air above a wooden bench with pillows on top of it
Et arkitekttegnet familiehus til typehuspris
En lille pause i entréen
a room with a rug, dresser and mirror on the wall in front of it
Flur #2
For the hall or the bedroom. Either will work
some plants are hanging on the wall in front of shelves that have pictures and photos
Giant Wooden Peg Board DIY!
Hey hey!! The most requested tutorial from Aspyn’s overhaul is hands down the oversized pegboard wall treatment. It just so happens to be one of my favorite as well! High fives all around!! Here’s what you need to know. ThisRead More