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people are walking on a bridge in a cave
Located about 10 kilometers from Annecy in France, the Gorges du Fier is one of the easier slot canyons to walk through. That’s because visitors go through the canyon on a railed walkway that is about 30 meters (100 feet) above a river rushing below. Previous visitors say people who are afraid of heights may want to avoid this. They also say to use caution on the walkway when it’s wet. The canyon is so narrow in spots, visitors can touch both sides.
a large waterfall in the middle of a forest
La cascade du Nideck
Vosges Cascade
an empty path leading to the beach on a sunny day
Omaha Beach, Normandy, France.
Omaha Beach, Normandy, France. by Mark Wesley, via Flickr
an aerial view of a small island in the ocean
Happy Independence Day!
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three metal sculptures sitting on top of a sandy beach next to the ocean and blue sky
Omaha Beach - Memorial sculpture "Les Braves" #WWII
an old street with people walking down it
normandy Beautiful scene in Rouen, Normandy | by © -da- via traveling—soul : travelthisworld : anythinginfrench
a small boat traveling down a river next to tall buildings and a bridge with people on it
Ville de Colmar
Colmar, France
people are walking down the street in an old european town with many shops and restaurants
Bayeux, Normandy, France
a long line of horses walking across a beach next to the ocean with a castle in the background | The Largest Online Store for Cool Posters, Affordable Wall Art Prints & Framed Canvas Paintings on Sale
Mont St. Michel Prints by Philip Plisson - The Mont Saint Michel is an abbaye built on a rock in the middle of a bay, in Normandy, France. At low tide, one can walk on the sand, at high tide, the Mont is surrounded by the sea and cut from the continent. It is still a place of pilgrimage, monks and nuns still live there, and masses are still celebrated in the church at the top of the mount.
several people walking along the water on a brick path next to an island in the distance
Cornwall travel - Lonely Planet
Crossing causeway to St Michael's Mount with tide rolling in. ----- Love visiting St Michael's Mount when I go to Cornwall
an aerial view of a winding road next to the ocean
WWII D day remembrance. Pointe du hoc, Normandie, France.
an aerial view of a large building in the middle of a city
Les abbayes de Caen
France, Caen, Abbaye aux Hommes, En 1050, Guillaume le Bâtard, duc de Normandie, épouse Mathilde de Flandres. Leurs liens de parenté rendent leur mariage irrégulier aux yeux de l'Eglise. Le pape Léon IX condamne donc leur union. A ce motif officiel s'ajoute la crainte de l'Eglise de voir unies deux grandes puissances : la Flandre et la Normandie (les Normands installés en Sicile ayant déjà menacé la papauté).