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several pieces of art are hanging on the wall
How to Make a Pin Board for Your Home Office in 10 Minutes
a large kitchen island in the middle of a room
Modern Home Decor | Motivational Office Decor | Desk Living Room Design Ideas 20190119
an office with gray cabinets and a white chair
Home Office Design Tips: How to Create a Home Office Space That Motivates & Inspires You - Dura Supreme Cabinetry
Home Office Tips: How to Create a Space That Motivates & Inspires You! Dark gray built-in home office desk with a window view creates a stylish and chick nook. #cabinets #cabinetry #durasupreme #office #homeoffice #interiordesign #desk #officedesk #design #homeoffices #officedesk
a white desk with a computer on it in front of bookshelves and cabinets
Bookshelves integrated desk
there are many different pictures on the wall and one is made out of paper circles
Love this idea for a kids room or office...these trivets are like $3 for 3 This is such a modern looking decoration, I would love to do this in different matching patterns on each circle. Not only cute, but practical!
a chair sitting in front of a shelf with pictures on it
DIY- På budsjett
very simple way to separate/personalise work space , by just paining part of the wall in different colour
a computer monitor sitting on top of a white desk
Study corner - Minimalistic appearance is achieved with a desk colour matching the wall and bookshelf, the storage containers matching the area space,and a complete lack of clutter. A clear plastic chair would also be handy here. I don't like this particular colour scheme, but do like the concept of this.
a desk with a laptop on it next to a bookshelf
Design Stack House Home
Gorgeous black home office space with big bookshelf.
a white chair sitting in front of a desk with a laptop computer on top of it
House Beo: Photography by Van de Velde Tim | bvs | a cross media studio + a global design resource
a room with a desk, chair and bookshelf next to a large window
Minimalist Apartment With An Engaging, Laid-Back Temperament
Minimalist Apartment With An Engaging, Laid-Back Temperament | Decor Advisor
a modern office with white walls and shelving
Captivating Contemporary Minimalist Mooramie Residence by Tobias Partners: Mooramie Residence by Tobias Partners Minimalist Home Office – deMoll: Extraordinary Home Design Inspirations
an image of a white room with bookshelves on the wall and chairs in front of it
Méchant Design
a library - Méchant Design. Just got to buy these folks some books!!! Looks like the ideal design office to me...
a computer desk with a monitor on top of it next to a bookshelf
Functional and Stylish Wall-to-Wall Shelves
Small-Space Workstation Under-shelf lighting instantly enhances this small-space workstation. The horizontal shelves in a glossy white finish add a crisp look with modern, minimalist appeal. Design by Ilija Karlusic
a white desk with lots of drawers and pictures on the wall above it, in front of a mirror
home office organization | Ikea bookcase
a black chair sitting in front of a wooden desk