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an old man walking down the sidewalk past a tall building with glass doors and balconies
The Missing Middle - KooZA/rch
an empty hallway with wooden walls and flooring is seen in this image from the inside
Shutters are concealed in the walls of Austrian farmhouse extension by Firm Architekten
an empty room with tables and chairs in the center, surrounded by wooden slatted walls
Larameeee: Photo
a red building sitting on top of a gravel field
an empty room with tables and benches in it
Student Projects - Archive - Professor Adam Caruso - ETH Zürich
the stairs are made of wood and brick
an orange building with yellow doors and windows on the outside, next to a parking lot
Morangis Retirement Home by Vous Êtes Ici Architectes
three different views of the outside of a building with wooden slats on it's sides
This Building Is Covered In Fins Made From 100 Year Old Reclaimed Wood
a young boy is standing in the middle of a room with stairs and glass walls
Penda designs modular wooden "village" for Beijing Horticultural Expo
a building with wooden slats on the front and side walls that are lined up against each other
Gaëtan Le Penhuel Architectes, David Boureau · Ecole La Venelle à EPINAY sur SEINE (93)
two large white balls hanging from the ceiling in a room with wood paneling and windows
A Family House in Kyoto with a Tree Growing in the Middle
an artist's rendering of a building with wooden balconies and balconyes
Soppelsa Architekten
a man riding a skateboard down the side of a cement staircase next to a building
the interior of a building with wooden floors and white columns on each side, leading up to an open skylight
Inside Out House / MA Office
people are walking up and down the stairs in an office building with wooden slats