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a woman is holding a colorful handbag in front of her face while standing on a blue background
Daniela Gregis*
a black and white quilt with blue strips on it
Quilts of Gees Bend / q10-02b.JPG
a woman is holding up a blue and white blanket with an abstract design on it
an outdoor area with potted plants and rugs
Alfombras de verano trenzadas a mano: ligeras y frescas
Alfombras de verano trenzadas a mano
a room with a bed, rug and window on the floor in front of it
harlequin herringbone pattern
woodwoolstool harlequin herringbone pattern
the crochet outdoor rug for beginners
How To Crochet An Outdoor Rug (For Beginners)
How To Crochet An Outdoor Rug (For Beginners) So easy and useful! #freepattern #tutorial #crochet
how to knit herringbone stitch with wool and the gang - step by step instructions
Herringbone stitch by Wool and the Gang
an image of a painting with blue and yellow colors on it's back side
Plastelin Series
Ana Kraš - Plastelin Series
cathrinabroderick:SuTurno Blondell scarf Outfits, Clothes, Kimono Top, Fabric Patterns Design, Apparel, Fashion Prints, Clothes For Women, Style
Mirella Bee Pattern Pollinating Visionist.
cathrinabroderick:SuTurno Blondell scarf
love it / wantna a make a collection that incorporates interesting fabric manipulation like this Silhouette, Inspiration, Vintage, Croquis, Inspo, Silhouettes, Textile Design, Textile Texture
love it / wantna a make a collection that incorporates interesting fabric manipulation like this
a piece of art that is hanging up on the wall with strings attached to it
Homepage - dailyartmuse.com
kim_singiru -- Textile artist Chung-Im Kim silk screens patterns onto industrial felt pieces, hand stitching the felt to create dimensional wall sculptures that seem to sway-
a multicolored area rug with stripes and lines
bauhaus weaving workshop
an older woman laying on top of a pink and white rug in front of a building
Woven, Crumpled, Suspended: Sheila Hicks
Sheila Hicks
Mauro Rubio | "Nurbs" | cardboard sculpture Interesting Patterns, Inspiration Images, Cardboard Sculpture, Generative Design, Parametric Design, Metal Surface, Cardboard Art, Material Textures, Sculpture Installation
Flickr Search — "Nurbs mauro Rubio"
Mauro Rubio | "Nurbs" | cardboard sculpture
a man standing on top of a pile of rope next to a large piece of art
Trepitjada rug made of espadrille soles by Martín Azúa - Dezeen
Trepitjada by Martin Azua; tapis en semelles d'espadrilles par un jeune designer basque espagnol.
a piece of art with black and white paint on it
Surface prints - claire felicity miller
Surface prints - claire felicity miller
Coperni RTW Spring 2015 Karl Lagerfeld, Fashion, Vogue, Clothing Details, How To Wear, Fashion Details, Fashion Design, Vetements, Ready To Wear
Coperni RTW Spring 2015
Coperni RTW Spring 2015
several ropes are hanging on the wall next to each other, with one knot in the middle
an abstract painting with black circles on white paper
"Rivering" Suminagashi (Japanese Marbling). Uses Chinese rice paper, Asian Sumi ink, water and a surfectant that keeps the ink on the surface of the water.
an egg carton filled with lots of white eggs
Create Your Own Stunning Website for Free with Wix
leather experiments - Renske Verbeek #leather #experiments #materials #embossing
different types of rugs laid out on top of each other
Heimtextil Trends 2014/2015: Progress! and Revive!
an abstract painting with red and white circles in the shape of hearts on a pink background
Lyndall Watson - Weavling + Sometimes Designer
a piece of art that looks like it has some kind of plant life on it
STORM marlies hoevers
a black and white rug with blue stripes on the bottom, along with small white dots
Kinnasand has become Kvadrat
FACES, new collection by Kinnasand
a piece of art that is hanging on the wall in front of a white wall
// Yann Gerstberger
a piece of art that is made out of white fabric and various colored pieces of cloth
La Villa Lena en Toscane
Ana Kras x Confetti System
four blocks with different designs on them sitting next to each other in front of a blue wall
Bethany Walker - Cement & textiles