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Millionaire Gnocchi! You're going to feel like a million bucks when eating this delicious Millionnaire Gnocchi! Pillowy gnocchi, melty herbed ricotta, fresh herbs, and surprise little crunches from the savory golden brown breadcrumbs you sprinkled on top. #gnocchi #pasta #redsauce

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Almond Cake with Peach + Mascarpone Filling & Raspberry Buttercream…

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Vegan Acai Bircher Bowl at Serotonin Eatery, Burnley | 22 Healthy Breakfast Bowls Everyone In Melbourne Needs To Try
The next time you are having people over for breakfast or brunch, or if one day you feel like something a little special for breakfast, give these a go! They look gorgeous but are way to simple! The honey gives the base a real Anzac biscuit flavour which goes so well with the filling, but...Read More »

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Spicy Mustard Thyme Chicken & Coconut Roasted Brussels Sprouts - Meal Prep on Fleek™
These pizza inspired meatballs are filled with pepperonis, pizza sauce and onions. Whole30, Keto, Clean Eating, and Paleo. These meatballs are perfect for meal prep, family dinner or a social gathering. #whole30recipes #whole30 #paleorecipes #keto #ketorecipes #meatballs #pizzameatballs #whole30pizzasauce #cleaneating

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5 Ingredient Skillet Pesto Chicken + Asparagus | Simple Healthy Kitchen
Cheesy Meatball Bake Recipe | Meatball Skillet | Italian Meatballs | Baked Meatball Recipe
Instant Pot Pressure Cooker Beef Stroganoff Meatballs Recipe

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Need a healthy & easy meal you can prep for the week ahead? Or a quick 15 minute meal for lunch or dinner? Fix these yummy Chicken Hummus Naan Wraps! They're filled with shredded rotisserie chicken, lettuce, sliced veggies, crumbled cheese & a delicious vinaigrette that will keep your belly happy with little work. #chickenrecipes #mealprep #lunch #healthyrecipes #quick #realfood #dinnerrecipes
Happy Friday! What’s on the agenda for you guys this weekend? It’s supposed to be cold and rainy here so we’ll probably lay low, watch a movie and bake muffins. I’m a leeettle obsessed with my most recent muffin creation and I can’t wait to share them with you. But you’re going to have come …

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