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1960'erne, New York
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an empty room with a painting on the wall
agnes martin
black and white photograph of thin strips of paper on top of each other in different sizes
Galerie Boisserée - Gallery Boisserée
Pierre Soulages - Abstract Art - Informal Painting
an abstract painting with pastel blue, pink and white squares
Agnes Martin | Tate Modern
Agnes Martin Untitled #3 1974
a pink and white painting with vertical lines on the bottom, in a square frame
vjeranski: AGNES MARTIN   Praise, 1976 Rubber...
vjeranski: AGNES MARTIN Praise, 1976 Rubber stamp print 11 x 11 ed. 1000
an abstract painting hangs on the wall in front of a white frame with black trim
Agnes Martin, Untitled, 1959
a piece of paper with lines drawn across the top and bottom of it, on a white background
Agnes Martin
Agnes Martin On A Clear Day, 1973 Screenprint on Paper 12 x 12 ed. 50
an abstract painting with black and white shapes on it's surface, including rectangles
Ellsworth Kelly (detail) at the Philadelphia museum of art
two pieces of art that are in the shape of black and white hair on top of each other
William Anastasi - Untitled (July 25, 2010 Laporte), Works on Paper
two black and white squares are in the middle of a square, with one missing
Richard Serra Drawing: A Retrospective
a pile of black fabric sitting on top of a wooden floor next to a white wall
'Felt Sculpture. Robert Morris
a pink sculpture is in the middle of a white room with two walls and one floor
Artist Research – Robert Morris
'Untitled.' (1969) Pink Felt. by Robert Morris. www.independentstudiopractice2.wordpress.com
an abstract sculpture in the middle of a room
donald judd
Robert Morris, L-BEAMS 1965 originally plywood, later versions made in fiberglass and stainless steel, 8 x 8 x 2 feet
three mirrored cubes sitting in the middle of an empty room with white walls and flooring
‘Untitled‘, Robert Morris, 1965, reconstructed 1971 | Tate
Robert Morris