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a christmas wreath with holly and red berries
Christmas decorations with holly and red berries vector image on VectorStock
a person's hand holding a bunch of small animal shaped beads on it,
Animal crossing charms by @pixieeeshop on twitter
someone is holding up a brooch that says sweater
🍎 on Instagram: “• shop update is now live!! • thank you so much to everyone who’s been waiting ...
some cute little magnets on a white wooden table with stars, moon and other things
there are many different shaped cookies on the table together with letters and numbers painted on them
Patreon logo
there are many different buttons on the table
six key chains with different designs on them, all decorated like fruit and vegetables in various colors
there are many decorated cookies on the table
there are many small buttons on the table
some little teddy bears and other items on a pink checkered tablecloth with white polka dots
a cork board with lots of different magnets on it and some leaves around it
there are many different types of cats on the wall in front of eachother
Ratty Magnets by DragonsAndBeasties on DeviantArt