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an image of a hot air balloon in the sky with mountains and rocks behind it
AAJK Projection Screen 100 inch, Washable Projector Screen 16:9 Foldable Anti-Crease Portable Projector Movies Screen for Home Theater Outdoor Indoor Support Double Sided Projection
an outdoor movie night with a pool in the foreground and a large screen on the wall
97K views · 930 reactions | Outdoor movie night! Comment MOVIE and I’ll send you links to everything. I found this giant inflatable movie screen on Amazon! I also found the projector and the float on Amazon too!!My kids thought this was the coolest thing! It’s so cozy floating at night watching a movie! 🌛🌛#outdoorentertaining #amazonfind #amazonhome #backyardvibes #backyardoasis #outdoorspace #outdoorliving #summerfun #summerideas #amazonsummerfinds #outdoorlife #outdoormovie #outdoormovienight #movienight #summernights | Our Winton home | Lucky Socks · Belong Together (Sped Up)
a bag of garden safe crawling insect killering diatomacous earth with two bugs on it
Garden Safe Insect Killer, Diatomaceous Earth, 1 Pack
PRICES MAY VARY. PEST-KILLING DUST: Use indoors or outdoors to control listed crawling insects on contact CONTAINS DIATOMACEOUS EARTH: Insects encounter or ingest this powder and die within 24 hours – insects don’t become immune to its killing action CONTROLS: Kills cockroaches, ants, silverfish, beetles, fleas, bed bugs and other crawling insects as listed NO ODOR, NON-STAINING: Use a hand duster, power duster or squeeze bottle to dust areas where crawling insects are found USE AS NEEDED: Dust
a can of paint sitting on top of a floor
Daich SpreadRock Brownstone/Satin Interior/Exterior Anti-skid Porch and Floor Paint (1-Gallon) | SPR-BS-004
SpreadRock is not speckled paint. It is an actual layer of rock that spreads on easily to add instant beauty and elegance to all kinds of existing concrete floor and wall surfaces as well as masonry, drywall, statuary, planters and more. SpreadRock's real stone composition is not applied by roller. Instead, it is easily applied in a thin uniform layer using a scraper, trowel or flooring squeegee and can even be applied with a texture sprayer. SpreadRock's visual effect is timeless and stunning and will serve you well wherever you live. Harsh winter cold and punishing summer heat and sun are powerless against it, whether used on a patio, pool deck, porch or wall. It also makes for a beautiful and incredibly tough garage floor or other interior surface that can last for years. Daich SpreadRo
two pictures show the inside of a house with fireplaces and tvs in it
#MyGenStoneDIY | 🏚 🔜 🏠 DIY Friendly 🚛 Delivered to You 🪚 Cut with Any Saw 🪛 Attach with Screws | By GenStone | Facebook