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a bathroom with a sink, toilet and mirror in it's own area is shown
Maher Residence | Wheelchair Accessible House
#Accessible #Bathroom. Roll up sink. 2 simple grab bars. Ceiling Mounted Lift.
three different views of the same object, each with its own cup and saucer
Easy Tea - Yanko Design
Nothing should prevent one from enjoying one of life’s simple pleasures: a hot cup of tea! Designed with this in mind, TILT. is a kettle that makes it easy for anyone to fill, heat, and pour despite disability, weakness, mobile impairment or age.
a man in a wheel chair is looking at his clothes hanging on the closet door
Siple House | Wheelchair Accessible House
built in wheelchair accessible closet. Sliding doors eliminate door swing clearance and the height is just perfect.
a brown leather handle on a wooden cabinet with two white knobs and a round hole in the middle
Craft + Process: DIY Leather Hooks + Pulls - Kalon Studios US
DIY: Leather Hooks + Pulls | Kalon Studios US
a woman standing in front of a white bowl
En voilà un système ingénieux! Le lavabo a été étudié pour s'adapter aux différents tailles. Il reste à voir son poids et le côté maniable de l'objet, mais il y a de l'idée et c'est beau!!!
a purple background with the words'tilogangeglige boliger '
BUILD's arbejde til byggebranchen
Tilgængelige boliger