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The FIRST Step In Creating Your Coaching Program
There are six official steps to creating your first signature program and this video supports you in completing the very first step of every coaching program template which is to choose your coaching program end result! Starting with the end in mind is an important way to create a course because step two in my signature program template is to work backwards from there to develop your modules and lessons. If you’re ready to create a coaching program in your online coaching business then give this quick video a watch where KellyAnne Zielinski coaches coaches on how to start with the outcome! LINK TO VIDEO:
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How to Create Your Signature Program
Creating a signature program is easy with these tips from Self Leadership Global! Click for tips on how to create a coaching program and for ideas on how your signature program can help with marketing your coaching business. If you want your coaching business to be profitable, creating a profitable coaching program that has a clear structure and framework is where it all starts. Let's do this, coach!
How to Create a Signature Program the Simple Way
Create Your Entire Coaching Program Framework by the End of the Day I've got a secret for you, Coach... Creating a signature coaching program doesn't have to be as hard as we make it. You can use this template and turn your ideas into a FULL coaching program framework in as little as 24 hours!
Done For You Signature Program Trello Board Template - Instant Access!
GOOD NEWS! It doesn't have to take weeks or months to create a signature program! With the Signature Program Trello Board you can have a full detailed Signature Program Framework complete in as little as 24 hours!
How To Create An Online Course [With Your Signature Program]
Are you a coach who wants to create an online course that sells but you're not sure where to start? Let me help you. If you’re ready to turn your signature program into an online course, be sure to have these 3 simple steps from Self Leadership Global in place. • From Signature Program To Online Course Step #1: Determine Your Method Of Packaging. You’ll choose your method of delivery whether it’s a video course, audio course, written content, or a voiceover with a powerpoint. • From Signature Program To Online Course Step #2: Get The Right Equipment & Tools To Package. If your online course will include videos with you on camera you’ll need these pieces of equipment to up your production game --> Tripod, Lighting, Microphone, Editing software, simple design tool like Canva. • From
How To Onboard Clients The Simple Way
Let's talk onboarding process! Coach, you are your own HR so you're the one that has to come up with an coaching onboarding process! Use this template and flowchart from Self Leadership Global as inspiration to design your own smooth process! • New Client Onboarding Must #1: Streamlined Enrollment Process. First a Discovery Call, the next step is a Follow-Up Email with sign up links. Then after they pay a branded thank you page telling them to check for a welcome email/next steps. • New Client Onboarding Must #2: Welcome Email Series. Create 3 emails, each a week apart. The first is the big welcome and your client welcome packet. Next email should be a check in. The last welcome email can include some resources for your clients. • New Client Onboarding Must #3: Add Coaching Sessio
How To Create A Signature Program [THAT SELLS]
It's time to learn how to create a signature coaching program that actually sells, Coach! This one piece of content can be used for 30+ streams of income in your coaching business... so it's a big deal. The first aspect is to outline your signature program structure. Use these 6 VITAL Steps to creating a signature program [THAT SELLS]: • Vital Step #1: Start With The End Result. Clearly determine the outcome & result your clients will experience. • Vital Step #2: Organize The Main Concepts/Topics. Brainstorm 6-12 main concepts or topics that your ideal clients MUST KNOW in order to achieve the result you’re promising. These are your modules! • Vital Step #3: Add Directives, like trade secrets, to your modules and lessons. Give them a unique name to make your signature program stan
3 Essentials That Make A Signature Program Profitable
Your signature program will be strong if you implement these three essential features! Click to see the 3 essentials that you absolutely need in order for your signature program to be profitable from Self Leadership Global Swipe and learn how you can create your profitable signature coaching program! • Profitable Signature Program Must #1: Ultra Niched. Niche down and choose ONE problem you’d like to start supporting your clients & students with. • Profitable Signature Program Must #2: Directives. Give a trademark name to your tips, tools, strategies, and techniques because these are your IT factor. • Profitable Signature Program Must #3: Proper Packaging. Your first step is to house your signature program materials in a space where your peeps can easily access it. ✌ And that bring
How To Set Boundaries In Your Business Coaching Clients, Personal Boundaries, Setting Healthy Boundaries, Set Boundaries, Healthy Boundaries, Here's The Thing
How To Set Boundaries In Your Business
Ready to set some business owner boundaries in your coaching business? Here's the thing, Coach. Boundaries in business will make your life easier, and help your business run more efficiently. So, if you want to know how to set boundaries in your business with coaching clients and yourself, then click here and KellyAnne Zielinski with Self Leadership Global will walk you through it!
How To Create A Coaching Offer That SELLS
Are you ready to lead, inspire, and scale your coaching business with a new offer?! Follow these tips from Self Leadership Global to make it happen. • Tip 1: Start with the end result. Clearly determine the outcome & result your clients will experience • Tip 2: Get clarity. Clarity is vital. Condense your coaching offer into a single phrase. Confused readers don't convert. • Tip 3: Sell based on the end result. It's why clients purchase. They want your transformation! • Tip 4: Speak to the emotions. Use emotional language to make the process resonate.
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Start A Coaching Business From Scratch
Could today be the day you start your coaching business?! Let me help you, coach! Visit Self Leadership Global for all you need for setting up your coaching business! From tips on naming your coaching business to an idea for a business plan such as how to grow and market your business, you'll find all you need to start your own coaching business!
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How To Create A Signature Coaching Program
Let's talk coaching program! If you're wondering how to create a coaching program than you must visit Self Leadership Global. Learn how to create, launch and market your coaching program and use the tips and ideas to design, name and structure it to perfection! Whether you're looking at 1:1 or group coaching, Self Leadership Global is where you should start!
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The 4 Best Digital Products To Sell Online In Your Online Business
This guide on the best digital products to sell will help you make money online in 2022. From selling templates to selling planners, these tips will help you create multiple sources of income and possibly an entire passive income stream.
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How to Become A Life Coach WITHOUT A Certification
Are you thinking of becoming a life coach? Then these tips from a life coach are for you! From ideas on how to start a coaching business to tips on how to find clients, use these life coach tips to successfully launch your online coaching program!
You Could Be Making Money Selling What You Know
You've got skills and you want to make money from home. But how do you turn those skills into an online business? You start with these 4 steps. Step 1: Share what you know • Start by attracting an audience with free education Step 2: Ask Questions • The best way to serve potential clients is to ask genuine questions and be a great listener Step 3: Provide the exact solution • Now it’s time to think about what you can offer to relieve these problems! Support them in solving their problem Step 4: Have offers at different price Points • If you can help people at different readiness levels, you increase the amount of impact you can have!