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a garden with rocks and plants on the side of it, in front of a house
Rockwork — Eckerman Studios
a walkway made out of rocks and gravel
15 Diy Garden Ideas For Landscape-Maniacs
a man is working on cement with a grate
Ideas For Gutters And Downspouts – The Homeward View
two green benches sitting next to each other on a cement walkway with rocks and grass
The pictures or vides of Drain Grates for Drainage Solution
a black and white design on the ground in front of a brick building with trees
Argo - Iron Age Designs
an outdoor area with steps and plants on the ground, including a bird standing next to it
Garden Design Surrey, Kent & Sussex | We Love Plants
A stunning solution that creates an easy transition between basement kitchen to the main garden. The unusual, steel fronted, concrete steps are sinuous and fit snugly into the curved retaining wall.- agreed!