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text that reads, my arm muscles are made of 10 % texting selfies 70 % flashing
Arm muscles resting selfies lashing 🤣💓
a pink background with white text that says, you deserves the love you keep trying to give
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two cartoon characters are looking at something in the sky, and one is saying what's hell that?
Independent Thinking on X
a blue and white cup sitting on top of a wooden table next to a tag
Online Gift Shop UK | Unique & Personalised Gifts
Blood group Tea positive
a tea cup with the words serenitea on it, and an image of a drinking
tammy tarng sandberg i need to get one of these for you and for grandma susan
Tammy Tarng Sandberg I must get certainly one of these for you and for Grandma Susan!!!... #teaquotes
a quote from mamma knows it all on the cover of her book verses for women who are stepping out on faith
The Perfect Jazz and Tea Time Playlist
Do you enjoy music during your tea time? Silence may be preferred at times but music can be used to enhance certain experiences, like a tea mediation. Consider this jazz and tea playlist next time you get steeping!
an empty road with the words focus on the journey not the destination
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Focus on the journey not the destination. #reisezitat
a pink flower with the word breathe on it's side and an image of a plant
Truth Without Limits
Wallpaper Remember to always breathe and remember who you are. Even in rough days, you're amazing #mentalhealth #truthwithoutlimits #anxiety #depression