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Jaa.. den passer da!!!! Humour, Jokes, Motivation, Wisdom, Ord, Humor, Lot, Libros, Haha
Jaa.. den passer da!!!!
an image of a cartoon character with a quote on it
a blue and purple watercolor painting with the words today is the perfect day to be happy
an image of a heart with words written in german and english on the bottom right corner
a yellow sign with some emoticions on it's side that says mine born grinder af mig
citater | Kanishajohnson
a winnie the pooh quote with an image of a cartoon character holding a butterfly
Hvis man tænker | SPOG.DK
winnie the pooh flying with a balloon in his hand, saying sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart
a sign with words written on it that says,'mothers are the most important people in
Mormors regler.
a small yellow duck sitting on top of a red wall next to a cement block
Tro på dig selv.
Funny Images, Vida, Best Memories, Family Love, Positivity
Slapper af i dag.
a black and white poster with the words home is where your wifi connects automatically
Citatplakat og typografi | Plakater med tekst
Plakat med tekst.
two snails are sitting on the ground and one snail is looking at another snail
Jeg synes du er | SPOG.DK
Jeg synes du er | SPOG.DK - Spøg