Ring Bases

925CRAFT offers various jewellery findings for rings' design, for example bases necessary in the production of any type of ring. Among the ring semi-components…
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Double snake ring - universal size | Sterling silver 925
Double snake ring - universal size, sterling silver 925, U-RING OWS-00337 7x19,5 mm
silver rings Design, Ring Designs, Silver Ring, Silver Rings, Thumb Rings
Ring - design stylish jewellery for hands
Ring blanks – components for creative work.
Silver rings Unique Ring Designs, Unique Rings
Unique ring designs
In fashion, uniqueness is important. You will find unique ring designs in our offer. Let them become part of your jewelry projects.
Silver ringd
Silver Rings - simple beauty
Create fashionable silver hand jewelry. Wide selection of ring bases only at 925CRAFT.
Ring with stones
Ring with natural stones
Colorful natural gemstones are an excellent decoration for a ring. The deep hues of GAVBARI gemstones ensure that nobody will remain indifferent to your jewelry design.
Silver ring Jewelry, Pendants
Rings with pendants
Rings with pendants allow for a choice of various elements that can be placed on the pendant. These can include small gemstones, symbols, letters, shapes, or other decorative elements.
Silver ring bases Hands, Stylish, Stylish Jewelry, Thumb, Toe
Silver ring bases | Sterling Silver 925
Bases for making fashionable hand jewellery 💍
Silver ring bases Knuckle Rings, Sterling Silver Rings
Sterling silver ring bases
In our offer you will find signets, knuckle rings and universal rings with motifs from which you can make subtle and more effective compositions.
silver ring blanks Jewelry Pieces
Silver ring with round Crystal GAVBARI (golden patina)
Sterling silver ring blanks for jewelry making.
Sterling Silver ring bases
Ring Bases | Sterling Silver 925
Lots of types of ring bases dedicated to specific categories of stones for either glueing or setting like cabochons, gemstones, or crystals.
Crown ring Rose Gold, Silver, Polska, Gold, Silver Gold, Chevron Ring, Constellation Necklace
Crown ring - universal size | Sterling Silver 925
Crown ring - universal size, 925, U-RING OWS-00306 6 x 18 mm
Ring base Armband, 925 Sterling, Sterling, 9 Mm
Ring base with 8 loops | Sterling Silver 925
Ring base with 8 loops - OB 1 8 R 5,3 x 22,9 mm.
Round ring resin base Crystals, Gemstones, Stone, Round Rings, Types Of Stones
Round ring resin base | Sterling Silver 925
U-RING FMG-R 2,8 x 18 mm
Silver ring Bijoux, Cabochon
Universal Ring | Sterling Silver 925
U-RING OKSV 1122 ver.4 10 mm (1122 SS 47). Add crystal and enjoy your ring.
LEAF UNIVERSAL RING Swarovski, Leaf Ring
Leaf ring - universal size Sterling Silver 925
Silver and open leaf ring.