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a black and white drawing of the sun and moon with stars in the sky above it
a line drawing of a sun and moon on white paper with the words, i love you
a line drawing of a sun and moon with the letter s in it's center
the sun and moon are drawn in black ink
the sun and moon are drawn in black ink on a beige paper background, which is very similar to each other
moon and sun tattoo
the letter e is drawn in black ink on white paper with a cross and sun behind it
Tattoo Ideas
Tattoo ideas | Tattoos | sun and moon tattoos | Ideas for tattoo | tattoo | neck tattoo | arm tattoo | placement tattoos
a drawing of a man sitting on the edge of a cliff looking out to sea
Asperger's: Insights to a Social Disorder
Assimilation, coping mechanisms, understanding the outside world... It is not easy when one feels like an alien. We're talking about being on the Autism Spectrum and living with Asperger's.
a drawing of some light bulbs hanging from the ceiling with butterflies and moths inside them
Feeling Bored In Class? 27 Fun Doodles To Draw To Tame The Tedium
a drawing of a heart with a stethoscope attached to it and an arrow in the middle