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Learn how to make burgers on the stove, on the grill, or in the oven. Easy hamburger recipes or cheeseburgers that are perfect for anyone. #hamburgerrecipes #burgersrecipes
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vegan black bean quinoa open faced burgers
Vegan black bean quinoa open faced burgers - SugarLoveSpices
A lighter vegan alternative that packs flavor and texture all in one patty, from the crispy surface to that rich velvety interior. Nice zesty notes from the roasted red peppers, and loads of freshness coming from the lettuce and mango black bean salsa.
juicy pork burgers with apple and mustard on a white plate next to potato salad
Apple Mustard Pork Burgers
Juicy and flavourful Apple Mustard Pork Burgers on Pretzel Buns with a Mustard Mayonnaise Spread. AKA a completely amazing burger recipe!
a close up of a sandwich with french fries
Parmesan Spinach Burgers
Today we’re whipping up a batch of juicy burgers infused with the aromatic goodness of garlic, plenty of Parmesan cheese, julienned spinach, and just a hint of heat courtesy of Korean red pepper flakes.
the buns are covered in sesame seeds and sprinkled with sea salt
40 minute hamburger buns
These Homemade Hamburger Buns are incredibly fast, easy and delicious! In less than an hour, you can have soft and fluffy hamburger buns without going to the store. Make this 40 minute hamburger bun recipe for your next cookout!
the cover of mediterranean lamb sliders with homemade tastyi on a cutting board
Mediterranean Lamb Sliders with Tzatziki - SugarLoveSpices
1h 45m
How to make the best Juicy Turkey Burger that actually tastes great! Say goodbye to dry and bland turkey burgers. Full of flavor, totally juicy and healthy to boot!
a grilled hamburger on a white plate with the words smoker recipes smoked hamburger
"So Flow" Easy Delicious Smoked Burger Recipe
greek turkey burgers stacked on top of each other with lettuce and tomatoes
Mini Greek Turkey Burgers with Cucumber Tzatziki
Take your burger game to the next level with these flavor-packed mini Greek turkey burgers. They're chockfull of aromatic herbs and tangy feta cheese. Serve the burgers tucked in pitas with creamy tzatziki, tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce and onions. A perfect dinner any night of the week.
there is a hamburger with cheese on it and the words oven baked burgers so juicy
Cooking Hamburgers in the Oven - Baked with a TRICK!
Oven-baked hamburgers - so easy, juicy and there's a trick! #bakedhamburgers #hamburgers #cheeseburgers #easyhamburgers #patties
an air fryer turkey burger with lettuce, tomato and cheese on it
Air Fryer Turkey Burgers
Turkey burgers are so easy and quick to make using the air fryer! These air fryer turkey burgers can be made with only ten minutes prep time, and they are ready in under 30 minutes total. They are also super moist thanks to the addition of chopped onion and a touch of mayo.
a cheeseburger on a wooden cutting board with other burgers in the background
Bacon and Hatch Chile Hamburger - Man Meets Oven
a close up of a sandwich and french fries on a plate with the words baked crispy god burgers
Baked Crispy Cod Burgers
There's no room for mechanically processed fish burgers here! This burger is made with a fresh cod fillet that has been baked to a crispy perfection with a light and airy batter made with buttermilk and panko. Sandwiched between a brioche bun with lettuce and cheese, these Baked Crispy Cod Burgers are the absolute best! #copycat #fishfillet #fish #burger #seafood #bakednotfried