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several wooden benches are lined up at the bar
The Original Swing-out Seat With Unfinished Alder - Etsy
two pictures of the same window and curtain rod
Curtain Rods by jtpark on DeviantArt
an old wooden table with carvings on the top and bottom, against a white background
birch bark coffee table. Love it!
an old wooden cabinet with mirrors on it
This piece is a great example of the traditional Adirondack style, in both design and materials. Yellow Birch twigs, and various shades of White Birch bark.
an old fashioned bathroom with wood and stone accents
Rustic vanity
an old dresser with paintings on it in a room that has wood paneling and wooden floors
Handcrafted Rustic Furniture | Dartbrook Rustic Goods
Porter 4' Sideboard with Original Adirondack Paintings on Birch
a wooden cabinet with two pictures on the front and side panels inlayed to it
The Studio: Sandy Fifield
a red cabinet sitting in front of a pile of logs
Jim Howard's How-to Video Website
Adirondack Rustic Furniture | - Rustic Furniture,Adirondack & Western Furniture ...
an old dresser with many drawers and knobs on it's sides is shown
Todd Winkler of Westwink Furniture
an old fashioned wooden shelf with many drawers
L. Post Rustics artisan made Adirondack Rustic Furniture. This Adirondack Rustic Native American inspired bookcase was created by our family. It features birch bark and twig, pyrography, chip carving, antler sheds and painted and distressed cabinetry.
an old desk is sitting on a wooden floor
The Ralph Kylloe Rustic Furniture Gallery
The Ralph Kylloe Rustic Furniture Gallery
an ornate wooden desk with two drawers
rustic adirondack birch bark desk
an old wooden dresser with ornate carvings on the top and bottom, sitting against a wall
Adirondack style dresser