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We created 3 videos for Cuban tour operator in which we showed 3 attractive sides of Cuba architecture, culture, flora and fauna
a woman sitting in a chair holding up a baby hooker newspaper to her face
Newspaper Baby Annoucement
Custom newspaper baby announcement. #Baby #babyannouncementideas #newspaper #augustbaby #pregnancyannouncement #pregnancy
brochures designed to promote local businesses in latin america, including local health services
LIL - Local innovation lab (Instagram feed design)
some type of font that is on top of a piece of paper
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Your body is a weapon
Embrace the power within you. Your body is a weapon of strength, resilience, and self-expression. . Save for later if this post motivates you!💾 Comment if you disagree 😕 #entrepreneurquotes #millionairemindset #keytosuccess #warrenbuffet #morningmotivation #motivational #hustlequotes #motivationalquotes #wolfofwallstreet #entrepreneurmotivation #successquotes #money #quotesdaily #quotestagram #inspirationalquotes #mrrabbar #quotestoremember
a woman holding a megaphone with the words we are hiring content creator
Dadang Sudarno's Images – Canva
an advertisement for a television show with a woman in a black dress and a tv on her head
a person typing on a laptop computer with colorful papers around them and writing on the screen
Julia Paternostro
a hand holding a cell phone in front of a white paper with the words contrate social media on it
Social Media | Agência de Marketing Digital | Digital Marketing Agency | Instagram Post | Canva
three different posters for hair stylists and salons, one with an image of a man's head
Campaign Against Living Miserably
many different people are shown in this collage with the names of their favorite tv shows