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a quilt hanging on the wall next to a curtain
1930s Scrap Zigzag by Paula Bohan
a pink and red quilt on the ground
the finished quilt block is shown in blue and grey colors, with four different stars
Making Corn Hole Boards and Shenahdoah Valley Quilt Guild Challenge.
a patchwork quilt is laying on the floor
a multicolored quilt is hanging on the wall
March Island Batik Challenge
a quilt made with many different colored squares
an image of a quilt with instructions for it to be made in the same colors
a large quilt is laying on the floor
A Scrap-Tastic Finish
a close up of a quilt on a bed
a person standing in the snow with a colorful quilt on their shoulders and feet,
Crayon Box Quilt
a large quilt is laying on the floor