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an old woman in black is holding her hand out with the caption gody kios otwozy chipsy jaa
Stop 👏🏻 Following 👏🏽 Me 👏🏾 on Instagram: ““Spare some chips sire?””
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three cartoon faces with the caption teacher everyone form a group of three me and my friends
Picture memes TJfGWFJ67: 1 comment — iFunny
a black and white cat standing on its hind legs in front of a glass door
Italian Chinese food - Funny
an image of a cartoon character with text that reads me in bed in the dark at 3am trying to figure out whether that's my jacket or a headless man standing very still
26 Hilarious Tweets That Are So Relatable It Hurts
a hamster with its mouth open and the caption me changes sleeping position because i feel uncomfortableable the people at my funeral
A Winsome Arrangement Of Random Memes
a woman laying in bed with the caption when your nose is stuffed and you lay there thinking about that time when your nose was stuff stuffed and how you took breathing for
Getting Schooled: 40+ Times Teachers Were Toxic
two people in hoodies with the caption when you & your friend both have terrible ideas & constantly engage each other to act on them
Transformers Funny and Random Moments 2.0 { Now Including Supernatural } - And now for the Kermit memes
a cartoon character with the caption me i don't like drama friend u are not gon na believe this shitt me
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an animal with big eyes and the caption reads, when a kid falls down and your not supposed to laugh but they got ayeted pretty hard
The Mafia's Lost Fallen Angel
an image of oranges with caption that reads, are oranges named oranges because
Memes {finished✔️}
spongebob holding a stick with the caption when you're 10 days 20 yrs, if it wows, and 8 man that's crazy, and they still won't stop talking