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a woman wearing an orange knitted shawl and leggings with her back turned to the camera
17 Knitting Projects That Went Too Far
a white blanket with braiding on top of it
four different images of yellow knitted fabric with wavy lines on them, each showing the same pattern
Knit and purl blocks to create folding fabric_ “pleats”
Knit and purl blocks to create folding fabric/ “pleats” –
an orange and green knitted blanket with ruffled edges
Three-dimensional knitted scales
two hands are working on a piece of art with yarn and crocheted fabric
Home | Michelle
a piece of green fabric with small flowers on it
an orange and white knitted blanket laying on top of a bed
an open notebook with some knitting material on it
three different colored knitted pillows sitting next to each other
Ilana Avital
a piece of cloth is being worked on
an image of a blue and yellow knitted material
three pieces of knitted clothing sitting next to each other
a green and blue crocheted blanket with wavy lines
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