Doors and gates

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a gray sweater hanging on a white door
GreenYarnBasket's My first sweater for me: Slouchy
an old window with some lace on it
an old wooden door in the middle of a forest with vines growing on it's sides
magic door in the garden
a wreath hanging on the side of a blue building with vines and berries attached to it
The Murmuring Cottage
blue door
an old door is painted blue and white
an old blue door on the side of a building with peeling paint and chipping
I love this..oh, what it must've looked like at its prime. still gorgeous..that color
an old wooden door with blue paint and ornate carvings on it's side panel
Who´s there??
an old wooden door with iron bars on the top and bottom, surrounded by flowers
abriendo-puertas: By Mikes Jones
an old wooden door that has been painted green
door of strength
an old window with bars on the outside
Well-worn door. I bet it has stories to tell.
an old door with flowers hanging from it's side and a basket on the outside
an old white door with a window in the wall and flowers growing on the outside
Conservatory door
an image of a white garden shed with flowers growing out of it and the words keep your home protected
Garden and up-cycle tips, hand picked and packaged heirloom seeds and more!
an old building with a large wooden door
Ruta Europea del Modernisme : Ciutats
Art Nouveau in Brussels: E. Blérot, 1900. Rue St. Boniface