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this is not going how I expected it to on Tumblr Protest Signs, Butches, Lgbtq Pride, Solidarity, Lgbt History, Protest Art, Lesbian Pride, Lgbtq, Queer
this is not going how I expected it to
this is not going how I expected it to on Tumblr
an orange and black poster with words describing the history of stonewall rotts in 1567 arerightfully remembered as a turning point in the queen liberation movement
Before Stonewall… | The Nib
a group of people holding a stonewall banner
Pride 2019: Stonewall 50 Anniversary and History of LGBT People in America
Pride Month 2019 Marks the Stonewall 50th Anniversary: The LGBTQ Community is a Vital Part of American History
People, Sayings, Friends, Quotes, Soulmate, It Hurts, Lesbians, Gay
an old comic strip with a man talking to two children and one is telling him that he
Land of Paper & Stars
I don’t want to see or be seen by straight people. Queer Punk, Lbgt, Gay Aesthetic
I don’t want to see or be seen by straight people.
Ftm tattoo Tattoo by  Areli Fowler Body Art, Tattoos, Drawing Reference Poses, Drawing Reference, Drawings, Art Tattoo, Body Art Tattoos, Art Reference
Ftm tattoo Tattoo by Areli Fowler
Ftm tattoo Tattoo by Areli Fowler | #TattooIdeas #TattooDesigns #InkInspiration #TattooArt #TattooInspo #TattooLovers #InkAddict #TattooWorld #TattooCulture #TattooLife #TattooLove #TattooArtist #TattooStyle #TattooTrends
a man standing next to a white sculpture
holly silius & kobe wagstaff “phantom feel”
dazed magazine (mar 2022)
a woman holding a sign that says stop people more beautiful people on the front line
pictures of queer oppression and revolution in the 1970s
A new exhibition of images from the decade reminds us how much has changed and stayed the same.
a group of people standing next to each other near a sign that says street transvesiting action revolution
an advertisement for gap jeans with a woman's hand on the back of her pants
a painting of two men hugging in a barn
Nyc Artist, Gay Memes, Lgbt Art, Fantasy Story, Word Pictures, Painted Floors, Weird Art
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an oil painting of a man sitting on a toilet looking at his cell phone and writing
Linus Borgo’s naturalistic and diaristic paintings are autobiographical at their core
an image of jesus with the words i am made in god's image
a drawing of a shirtless man holding his head in one hand and writing on the other
various items are arranged on a pink background
a watercolor drawing of a woman's torso with her hands on her hips
Lunecornio Arts
we're here, we're queer we riot poster with images of people
Prove your humanity
the words protect transs kids are spray painted on a white wall with black graffiti
a man holding a sign that says gay, proud and angry in front of other people
the back of a person wearing a jacket with words written on it and people standing around
David Wojnarowicz: still fighting prejudice 24 years after his death | Autobiography and memoir
a man wearing a jacket that says queen transs resistance on it and points to the side
ethan james green
Male Pinup, Gay History, Gay Comics, Gay Humor, Awesome Art, Gay Love
I'm no wadjet part 41 (this one's for @JustOneBite- you, sir, are awesome :))
They’re fcking iconic 💅
a group of people holding a sign that says aids we need research not astral
AIDS Exhibit Explores Early Years of Epidemic
a sign that says i'm not a man or a woman, i'm a pasy
many posters and flyers are displayed on a pink background, including women's rights
While the US Government Sat Idle, AIDS Activism Mobilized in San Francisco | KQED
black and white drawing of police riot scene with protester holding sign that reads stonewall was a police riot
Re-Queering Pride - PopularResistance.Org
some posters on the side of a building with words and pictures written in black ink
Angry flying fruit
a man sitting on the ground with a child in his lap
Joy, rage, and love: '80s-tastic photos of San Francisco Pride
an old black and white poster with some people walking down the street in front of it
Stonewall 25: Cases 1-2
an open book with black and white photos of men in different poses, from top to bottom
The Silent Devastation of AIDS on New York’s Art and Fashion Worlds