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a candle that is sitting on top of a plate
Succulent Gift Candle Mini Cactus Soy and Bees Wax Candle - Etsy UK
Super unique soy and bees wax succulent candle. This cactus, succulent garden candle comes in various scents. This candle really is a treat given the quality and the uniqueness. It really is a striking unique piece. I use high quality soy wax to ensure that this candle will have a beautifully clean and long burn even though it’s small is size. Will provide 15-20 hours of burn time. It’s a beautiful addition to your bedside table or use it at meditation or prayer sessions.
two desserts sitting on top of a table with frosting and pumpkins in them
Pumpkin Spice Dessert Candle
This dessert candle smells like a freshly baked pumpkin pie. A 3D meltable and non-edible pumpkin & glitter are topped with each candle. All candles from my shop are hand-poured and are made from 100% soy wax and are therefore vegan. They are also environmentally friendly and not tested on animals. They burn longer, cleaner and almost soot-free. Shipping with tracking number❗ Discover my shop NOW🛍❤
three scoops of ice cream in a glass bowl
Soy Candle Ice Cream Cream
For ice cream lovers!! This candle is handmade with 100% soy wax. You will love its smell. Each element has its own smell (vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, cookie...) It is made by hand down to the smallest detail to achieve that very real effect. All our candles are presented as gifts. (great for a self-gift 😉😉
four wooden trays filled with fake flowers and succulents
Candle Succulent in Rustic Dough Bowl, Floral Handmade Candles, All Natural Hand Poured Wax, Long Lasting Candle, Housewarming Gift for Her - Etsy
four glass bowls filled with succulents on top of a white cloth covered table
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