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A list of belongings of Adolf Eichmann made by Israeli agents upon his arrest.
Fritz Bauer was a German judge and prosecutor who was active in the ongoing postwar efforts to obtain justice and compensation for victims of the Nazi regime. In 1958, he succeeded in getting a class action lawsuit, in the Frankfurt Auschwitz trials. He was also instrumental in the intelligence that he relayed to the Mossad in 1957 that allowed Adolf Eichmann to be captured. From 1957-1960 Fritz Bauer was instrumental in tracking Eichmann down in Argentina and bringing him to trial in Israel...
Eichmann's Trial in Jerusalem - Verdict

Eichmann In My Hands, The Nazi Hunters, Hunting Eichmann

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1945, Berlin, Adlon Hotel. Where Bernie Gunther once worked
Philip Kerr
The US version, I think

Metropolis - Philip Kerr

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The cover version I have
The cover and version I read
Robert Littell

The Company - Robert Littell

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Lynd Ward, Grendel, 1933
Beowulf & Grendel
Funeral Pyre, from Beowulf, by Rockwell Kent

Monsters - C.R. May

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Irish vs. Vikings
The Real Reasons for the Viking Raids Whenever we hear the Vikings, what comes into our mind is a group of men who wielded their axe killing people, looting, and raiding the villages. They unexpectedly showed up on their ship and did a hit-and-run raid to make fortune. This is a stereotype by the media that needed to be stopped. Because the Vikings were not the careless and provocative barbarians. They were actually defending their culture against the conversion of the new religion.
shield maiden

The Raven and the Cross - C.R: May

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The Book of Mirrors
The book of mirrors cover
The Book of Mirrors cover

The Book of Mirrors - E.O. Chirovici

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Arminius leading the tribesmen of Cherusci, Marsi, Chatti, Bructeri, Chauci and Sicambri at the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest
Legionaires March Into The Teutoburg Forest 9 AD

Blood Forest - Geraint Jones

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Film still
Film still
Interview with the Real Soldiers of 13 Hours

13 Hours: The Inside Account Of What Really Happened In Benghazi - Mitchell Zuckoff with the Annex Security Team

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Europe - 330 AD
Dark Age Britain
Dark age Britain

Pendragon - James Wilde

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Marcus Luttrell
Navy SEAL team with Marcus Luttrell, the lone survivor.
From left, Lone Survivor film director Peter Berg, book author Marcus Luttrell and actor Mark Wahlberg at the movie's Hollywood premiere.

Lone Survivor - Marcus Luttrell

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Did Stephen Hawking believe it was possible to travel back in time or travel into the future? Here is exactly what he thought we could and could not do.
TIME travel is mathematically possible, according to research which could make the realm of science fiction a reality.
Scientific American is the essential guide to the most awe-inspiring advances in science and technology, explaining how they change our understanding of the world and shape our lives.

The Tourist - Robert Dickinson

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The Battle of STALINGRAD. School No. 3. Wehrmacht soldiers awaiting orders to attack. November 1942. Stalingrad metro station
The Battle of STALINGRAD. autumn. 1942
Battle of Stalingrad. Day by day account.

Stalingrad - Antony Beevor

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"An Arthurian Romano-British landlord clashes with a Saxon raider on the outskirts of Bath, Britain, in the late fifth century"

The Druid - Steven A. McKay

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Lappeenranta, Finland. Where Pekkala was born
Map of Sweden, Finland, Russia, showing the position of Lappeenranta
The Lubyanka, NKVD headquarters, in 1933

The Beast In The Red Forest - Sam Eastland

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Bomb damage around St Paul's Cathedral in the City of London, 1941.
Image result for our friends in berlin anthony quinn
London during the Blitz

Our Friends In Berlin - Anthony Quinn

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Greeks Bearing Gifts, Philip Kerr
The US cover
The Audiobook cover

Greeks Bearing Gifts - Philip Kerr

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The Villa, The Lake, The Conference
The Villa, The Lake, The Conference
The Villa, The Lake, The Conference

The Villa, The Lake, The Meeting - Mark Roseman

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Josef Mengele, Nazi Camp Doctor
Film poster
Film advertising

The Boys From Brazil - Ira Levin

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Robin Hood

Blood Of The Wolf - Steven A.McKay

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Oranienburger Strasse Synagogue
Jewish Synagogue, Oranienburger Straße 30 (c. 1885)
Olympic Stadium Berlin, 1936

The Butchers of Berlin - Chris Petit

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Narva Bridge, St Petersburg. The Narva Bridge runs from Estonia to Ivangorod
STALIN: "I am only a disciple of Lenin and my goal is to be worthy of his disciple"
Border bridge between Russia and Estonia through the Narva river on the background of the Ivangorod

Red Sparrow - Jason Matthews

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A watchtower on the Berlin Wall
Checkpoint Charlie, Berlin
Checkpoint Charlie, Berlin, Germany

Nightfall Berlin - Jack Grimwood

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Köpenick - Wikipedia
John le Carré plotting
Promotion for A Legacy of Spies

A Legacy of Spies - John le Carré

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Hans-Hendrik Neumann – Wikipedia
Hans-Hendrik Neumann - Wikidata
The cover version I have

Prussian Blue - Philip Kerr

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Modern Uppsala
This scene carved onto a picture stone can be interpreted as a blót (sacrifice) to Odin. In the middle a person is apparently being sacrificed on an altar. A large bird of prey, possibly one of Odin’s ravens, hovers above. To the left another person has a noose around their neck and is hanging from a tree. Gotlandic picture stone from Stora Hammars I, in Lärbro parish, Sweden
Beowulf Viking Warrior Fine Art Print by RagnarokCraftworks

Wræcca - C.R. May

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