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an image of a squid with large eyes and long legs looking at the camera in front of some fish
there is a banana and carrot on top of each other
a dog is floating in the water and has money coming out of its back end
an image of two anime characters with the words, mystic romance three yipee for
ME AND WHO???! ;3
Real vid about @stolitzFan <3
Credit by: riceeater_00 [ @stolitzFan that's you]
a man wearing sunglasses and holding a drink in his hand with the caption when will you come back?
Jack Stauber??? Hello??
#jackstauber #whisper
an image of a cat with glasses and a party hat
a hand is pointing to the left with an emoticive expression on it's face
Bro is taking all the coal for himself 😂
a drawing of a man with a pink mustache and thought bubble above his head that says, don't you think?