Avatar: The last Airbender

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four different avatars are depicted in this cartoon style drawing, with the words fire and ice above them
Zuko Avatar: the Last Airbender fan art by unknown artist
two anime characters with caption that says i'm going with zuko what? everyone else on a life - changing field trip with zuo now it's my turn
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Avatar: the Last Airbender ~ I want a life changing field trip with Zuko! (or any time with Zuko)
an anime scene with two people in the woods, one is talking to another person
Have a laugh
hahaha!! They'd rather die than be turned in to Azula! I agree.lol
two cartoon pictures with the same caption in different languages, one saying drink cactus juice and
It'll Do More Than Quench Ya!
HAHAHA oh Sokka (Only fans of Avatar: The Last Airbender will get the humor of this pic, sorry about the rest of you)
an image of two cartoon characters with caption that reads, i will find the avatar and restore my honorary
Zuko and his honor. The entire series he believed that he would find the avatar and restore his honor and in the end he did
an animated scene with text that reads, this tea is nothing more than hot leaf juice
Avatar: the Last Airbender (haha, Iroh makes the best faces!)
some anime characters with different expressions
Cabbage-bending is best bending.
Avatar: The Last Airbender I like this, but I am annoyed that two sections are incorrect (they use two different people instead of one person in different scenarios).
four different colored circles in the middle of each circle, all with different colors and shapes