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there is a restaurant called turf tavern on the street
The World Famous Turf Tavern - University of Oxford - Earliest Records of the pub date to 1341
an old building with the words weekend in oxford on it
A weekend in Oxford: 2-day Oxford itinerary
How to spend a weekend in #Oxford, England, with tips on what to see, do, eat and drink on a 48-hour escape to the city of dreaming spires.
people walking and riding bicycles on a street in an old city with stone buildings under a bridge
A Day Trip To Oxford: Things to Do in Oxford for a Day
Bridge of Sighs - 6 ways to spend a day in Oxford, England
a store front with a rabbit statue in front of it's doors and windows
Alice's Shop, in Oxford, England. Oxford is home to Alice in Wonderland author, Lewis Carroll who wrote the famous story in here based on muse, Alice Liddell. Liddel used to frequent this shop when it was a grocery store to buy sweets and has now been turned into a gift shop. The shop is also represented in Lewis Carroll's Through the Looking Glass as The Old Sheep Shop.
a dirt road surrounded by trees with yellow leaves
Addison's Walk, Magdalen College
Addison's Walk, Magdalen College, Oxford by sdhaddow, via Flickr
an old building with the words 10 must see sites in oxford
10 Must See Sites In Oxford
And so here is our guide to Oxford, the city of ‘dreaming spires’ and a world wide reputation for learning.
people shopping in a grocery store filled with fresh fruits and vegetables
43 Reasons Living In Oxford Ruins You For Life
Because there’s nothing better than shopping in the Covered Market. Oxford.
the front cover of oxford england's top things to do for under a river
Top Things To Do In Oxford on a Budget.
Want to know the top things to do in Oxford for under a fiver? There's probably more than you think. Oxford is a must see city that is easy on the budget. Find out more on vagrantsoftheworld.com
the top 5 day trips from oxford england
5 Oxford Day trips to explore in England
Oxford makes a great home base to explore England’s beautiful palaces, villages and history. Here are 5 ideas for venturing out on day trips from Oxford city of Dreaming Spires.
a white bicycle parked on the side of a road next to a fence in front of an old building
32 Photos That Prove Oxford Is An Awe-Inspiring Wonderland
I absolutely loved Oxford when I went. The buildings, the streets, the bicycles propped up against just about any corner; abuzz but also relaxed. It was really inspiring to me. I probably had my mouth gaping open the whole time like an idiot. It was beautiful
the inside of a building with people walking through it and shops on either side of the walkway
Oxford Covered Market
Oxford Covered Market, Oxford has virtually everything inside this maze of shops that seems to wend on and on.
the long tables are lined up in the large room with stained glass windows and wooden flooring
Oxford's University : classic but rustic by Eric Photography / 500px
Oxford University ~ Great Hall of Christ Church. Fans of the Harry Potter films will instantly recognize It was the inspiration for the dining scenes at Hogwarts School for Wizardry. They didn't actually film here but replicated The Great Hall in the film studio.
a man standing in the doorway of a store
Oxford - Best Places To Visit On A Weekend Break
The Locals' Guide To Oxford #refinery29 North Parade Produce Store Muddy carrots? Check. Local cheeses and delicious charcuterie? Check. Other enticing organic accoutrements? Check. This tiny former butcher’s shop is a sweet, little love note to sustainable, organic food; all produce is from local, organic gardens. We predict you’ll be impulse-purchasing grassy-green, unfiltered olive oil and wheels of Oxford cheese. North Parade ...