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four different types of font and numbers on a black background, each with the same color scheme
Bento Box Branding Grid System Presentation in Portrait for InDesign
A modern presentation grid system and template particularly suited to technology or arts and museum brands and organisations. The portrait-oriented layout is ideal for creating impactful screen-based presentations such as museum wayfinding, exhibits or in-situ marketing activations. Easily customizable with included style sheets, the template features a modular grid system that allows you to tailor each presentation to your needs. For portrait format screen displays including 4K televisions. For Adobe InDesign.
three different types of brochures are shown in black and pinks, with the words symon's plains on them
Cumulus — For The People
an assortment of stationery items on a table with a glass of wine and paper
New Brand Identity for Whisky Ambassador by O Street - BP&O
Logo and print with copper print and blind emboss details designed by O Street for Whisky Ambassador
an advertisement for the nike run and on - air device is shown in black and white
Nike Run+ | App Redesign | Concept
the lunch and recess menu is shown in different colors
Logo and Branding Identity for Lunch And Recess by Fuzzco - BP&O
two business cards with the letter b on them, both printed in black and white
Duane Dalton
an orange and white poster with the words hole energy factory on it's side
Hotel Emporium identity | Communication Arts
three bags are shown side by side in black and white, with the same logo on them
Walter Mattos Design Studio Create Rede Arquitetos Branding - World Brand Design Society
an airplane flying over the top of a tall building with a sign on it's side
Tenfen Engenharia Brand Identity - World Brand Design Society
a sign on the side of a building that says contour architecture construction and design
Digital Factory Create Branding for Contour Architecture, Design, and Construction - World Brand Design Society
three bags with orange handles and the word ten fifteen printed on them, all lined up against one another
Tenfen Engenharia Brand Identity - World Brand Design Society
several black business cards with white logo on the front and back, all stacked together
Sileon | Essen - What We've Done
an open book with a drawing of a bus on the front and back pages in yellow
LogoArchive on X
Home / Twitter
the swiss air logo is shown in three different colors and sizes, including red, white,
The Evolution of the Swissair Logo
an assortment of photographs, postcards and envelopes on a grey background with text
Stephen Kelman - DK Property Brand Identity | Rair
Letterhead, brochure, folder and print collateral. DK Property are Glasgow-based residential property development and letting consultants. They have a diverse portfolio of properties and a broad range of skillsets and contacts within the property sector in Scotland. #propertybranding #property #propertylogo #realestate