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two business cards sitting on top of a wooden table next to an envelope with the letter k
Stephen Kelman (@stephenkelman) / X
Stephen Kelman (@stephenkelman) / X
a black and white photo of an invoicer with the letter p on it
Norman - PhantomLabs-13 – SAVEE
Norman - PhantomLabs-13 – SAVEE
the front and back of a green folder with a white label on it's side
Klim Type Foundry · Fonts in use · Goldsmith
the front page of a magazine with an image of a man in black and white
two black and white business cards sitting on top of each other
an invoice form is shown with two different numbers on the front and back
ls-ot-1.jpg |
two business cards with the letters c and b in black, white and grey on them
The 2022 PRINT Typography Report
an image of a blank invoice with red and white lines on it's side
ABB Aannemerscombinatie Bouw Binnenziekenhuis
the letter j is shown in black and white
Dark Side of Typography
two white business cards with black lines on the front and back, one is blank
two white envelopes with business cards on them
screen-shot-2021-11-16-at-9.02.32-pm.png |
two business cards sitting next to each other on top of a gray surface with an orange and black logo
FPO: Nick Leith-Smith Collateral