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a drawing of a person's hand with the number six drawn on it, in front of a white background
(#334) Roy Lichtenstein
Roy Lichtenstein - Hand With Ring - Pencil on Paper - 1963.
a painting on the side of a wall in a room with paintings and vases
Roy Lichtenstein Foundation
Artist's studio "The Dance", 1974 Roy Lichtenstein Oil and Magna on canvas 96 x 128 inches; 243.8 x 325.1 cm
a red and yellow sign with the letter n in it's center is shown
Big Gaucho
Roy Lichtenstein
the cover art for open winter jazz, featuring an abstract painting with yellow and red colors
AntikBar Original Vintage Posters
Aspen Winter Jazz 1967 Roy Lichtenstein - original vintage music event poster by Roy Lichtenstein listed on
an abstract painting with black, white, and green colors on a yellow background is featured in the foreground
The ~ Artworks of Roy Lichtenstein
Roy Lichtenstein - Bull Head II
an abstract painting with black, yellow and red lines on it's face is shown
Roy Lichtenstein - Eclipse of the Sun (1975)
an abstract drawing with lines, shapes and colors on it's paper background that has a lightning bolt in the middle
Roy Lichtenstein. Study for Modern Painting with Bolt. 1966 | MoMA
Roy Lichtenstein - Study for Modern Painting with Bolt, 1966
a man is painting on a wall with black and white graffiti in front of him
christmas lichtenstein - Google Search
an abstract painting with black, white and green lines on the bottom half of it
Roy Lichtenstein - Brushstroke Abstraction II, 1996
an image of a red rose on a yellow sticker next to a white and black striped background
Art/Auctions: Contemporary Art evening auction at Sotheby's May 15, 2002
Roy Lichtenstein - Still Life with Bamboo Sticks
Roy Lichtenstein. Crak! 1963
roy lichtenstein | Tumblr
Roy Lichtenstein. Crak! 1963
an abstract painting with different colors and patterns on it's face, including a bird
Roy Lichtenstein - two figures indian, 1979
a tall yellow and black lamp on a white surface with no one in it's life
X. It’s what’s happening
Yellow - Roy Lichtenstein
a yellow chair sitting in front of a black and white art piece on a wall
roy lichtenstein still life - Google Search
a poster with the words i love liberty written in black, white, and yellow
The Red List
Roy Lichtenstein, I Love Liberty, 1982, silkscreen (Private collection)