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an image of a page from a comic book that is being read in english and japanese
Sun Ken Rock - Chapter 114 - Page 9 - Raw | Sen Manga | Character art, Manga art, Comic art
an image of a man flying through the air
すてきな装丁や装画の本屋 Bird Graphics Book Store | 12ページ目 (190ページ中) | 「Bird Graphics Book Store」は 思わずジャケ買いしたくなるナイスなブックデザインセレクトショップです。
an old japanese advertisement featuring a woman eating something out of a can with her mouth open
幻狼神異記〈1〉魔物の棲む少年 (teens’ best selection) | 横山 充男 |本 | 通販 | Amazon Illustrators, Japanese Graphic Design, Cover Design, Comics, Character Design References, Comic Covers, Comic
幻狼神異記〈1〉魔物の棲む少年 (teens’ best selection) | 横山 充男 |本 | 通販 | Amazon
an advertisement for the japanese movie's upcoming film, gorilla boy and his friends
Graffiti, Hayao Miyazaki, Geek, Kawaii, Cool Posters, Cowboy Bepop, Retro Poster, Cool Art
an advertisement for the telephone service in china
tumblr_lqct11YAkm1r0doppo1_500.jpg |
an old japanese book cover with a butterfly on it's back and words written in chinese
Feh Yes Vintage Manga
I like women I just wish I wasn't attracted to them and it's not even cuz I don't like them" it's cuz I don't like dealing w them that way, it's so unnecessary
an old poster with two girls on the front and one is wearing high heeled shoes
Feh Yes Vintage Manga
uchida yoshimi
an image of a book cover with three men
モーニング Mourning (実業之日本社文庫)
an image of children playing with each other on the cover of a japanese book, which is written in english
スカイエマ (イラストレーション別冊) | スカイエマ |本 | 通販 | Amazon
a movie poster with an image of a cat and other animals in the middle of it
an advertisement for the city hunter magazine in japan, with blue ink on white paper
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an image of a woman sitting on a chair with her hair in the air and another drawing behind her
駕籠真太郎 (@shintarokago) | Twitter 的媒體推文