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a blue chair sitting in front of a stone wall next to a wooden floor and ceiling
Beautiful rammed earth house — Planned Living Architects
an empty room is lit up by the light coming in from the window on the far wall
House Of Dust by Antonino Cardillo
an empty room with no one in it and two lights on the ceiling above them
House Of Dust by Antonino Cardillo
two images side by side showing different layers of sand and concrete on the same wall
three wood stumps sitting in front of a wall
the corner of a wall that is painted with different colors
Noma Australia Restaurant Pop-Up at Sydney's Barangaroo by Foolscap Studio.
the interior of a restaurant with concrete counter tops and walls painted in different shades of pink, yellow and orange
2017 Eat Drink Design Awards: Best Installation Design winner
a woman standing behind a counter preparing food
Noma Australia rammed earth walls
an open door in the middle of a desert with two circular structures on each side
The Quell, Linda Hutchins
a bed sitting under a wooden wall next to a night stand with a lamp on it
Rammed-Earth Walls Connect A Modern Home In Texas - Luxe Interiors + Design
a broken knife sitting on top of a piece of wood
Bayer & Strobel Architekten | Gemeindehaus FeG Kaiserslautern-Nord
the inside of a building with wooden floors and walls covered in woven fabric, as well as wood flooring
Gallery of Fuensanta House / MUKA Arquitectura - 5
an entry way leading to a house with wood paneling on the walls and floor
玉里のフラットハウス | VEGAHOUSE BLOG