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the benches are lined up on the floor in front of the building's windows
Last day to visit @librosmutantes at @lacasaencendida #madrid , #installation designed by @ciszak_da - ciszak_dalmas
the interior of a restaurant with concrete counter tops and walls painted in different shades of pink, yellow and orange
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With Aussie foodies becoming savvier by the minute, the taste and quality of the food, no matter how good, just won’t cut it if the dining environment is
a black and white vase with some water in it
Mixing MMaterial: Fernando Mastrangelo's outdoor collection
Mixing MMaterial: Fernando Mastrangelo's outdoor collection | Design | Wallpaper* Magazine
a blue and black vase sitting on top of a table
Escape Jackson Drum, Black Silica and Powdered Glass by Fernando Mastrangelo
a large rectangular object sitting on top of a cement floor next to a white wall
Escape Bench by Fernando Mastrangelo - Rossana Orlandi
Escape Bench Fernando Mastrangelo
a cement block sitting on the side of a road next to a truck and building
版築土塀 試作 - 自然派庭師の日々精進
版築土塀 試作 - 自然派庭師の日々精進
a block of wood sitting on top of a wooden table
IMG 7135 e1415617982508 768x1024 Prix national des architectures en terre crue Plus
two wooden stools sitting next to each other on top of snow covered flooring
Alcarol traps natural materials in resin to form furniture collection
mint gallery alcarol for LDF
a cube shaped object made out of wood and glass with moss growing on the top
Alcarol Brings Natural Materials to Furniture - Design Milk
a blue and white sculpture sitting on top of a cement floor next to a wall
there are many different colored boxes on the floor in front of a brick wall and carpet
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Is That A Giant Piece Of Nougat? Nope, A Chair
a person cutting glass with scissors on a counter
Top 10 DIY Materials for Your Home
If you’re in the mood to flex those DIY muscles, here is a selection of my top 10 DIY materials for your home to inspire your creative spirit.