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an origami bird made out of red and gold paper on a white background
Flettet julehjerte formet som fugl
Flettet fugl med hank | DIY vejledning
a paper swan ornament hanging from a christmas tree
Flettede Svaner – Skabelon
Julehjerte, DIY, flettede dobbeltsvaner #denkreativesky
a heart shaped box sitting on top of a table
Julekurver = Christmas baskets
This is actually a "Christmas Basket". This design is called "The love letter" which is why it came up in my search. Ppl in norway hang these on there x-mas tress but i'm going to use it as a goody basket
an open envelope with the image of a woman inside and a heart in the middle
skabelon – Flettede julehjerter
Olaf skabelon
a paper cut out of a red and white door with an image of a horse on it
flettede julehjerter – Flettede julehjerter
Skabelon: Flettet julehjerte med Lille My
a heart shaped paper bag with a dog on it and a checkerboard pattern
5. December – Julehjerte med mumitrolden
Braided Christmas heart with Moomintroll