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there are many different types of yarns on this table cloth with beads and thread
Karen Marie - Tekstile og kreative workshops | Karen Marie - Part 5
a close up view of an embroidered object
Har du et Yndlingssting | Karen Marie
a black and white drawing of dandelions in a circle with leaves on it
Patrones De Bordado, Bordado Mexicano Patrones, Bordado 662
the dandelions are drawn in black and white
Doodle Dandelion Set Hand Drawn Blowballs Stock-vektor (royaltyfri) 1684230631 | Shutterstock
two different types of embroidered designs on denim fabric, one red and the other white
Visible Mending Templates Series 3 Yellow Set Washable Mending Transfer Patterns
a piece of blue fabric with white thread on it and an orange needle in the middle
How to Sashiko Stitch instructions for beginners | Step by step introduction to Sashiko embroidery tutorial
a pair of scissors and some yarn on a red table cloth with circles in the background
Sashiko Swirls Pattern
a white t - shirt with dandelions on it hanging from a hanger
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