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several open books are hanging on the wall
Creative Help: DIY Book Decor?
Calling all bookworm crafters - what's your favorite way to repurpose old books into wall/home décor?I have a brand new, empty room to slap pretty things all over, and would love your suggestions, guides, and examples - I put the kinds of things I'm looking to do below.Thanks guys! I really like the idea of strung up pages, folded in to shapes like above, or maybe just cut-outs? I love the look of this. What's the best way to keep the books on the walls, or not have the…
a living room filled with furniture and plates hanging on the wall behind a glass dome
All that Glitters is not Gold (it's Silver!)
All that Glitters is not Gold (it's Silver!)
a bed sitting next to a window with curtains on either side and a lamp in front of it
DIY Layered Frame Collage
DIY Layered Frame Collage - Little Vintage Cottage
white doily is laid out on the floor to be used as a table runner
Snowball quilt
Applique 'n Patch Quilting: Snowball quilt