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a wooden house is shown with measurements for the roof and side walls, as well as its height
a poster with instructions on how to use beeshields in the house and other things
Schautafeln Nisthilfen (Insektenhotels) u. Wildbienen
a house made out of wood with different types of insects around it and on the roof
How to set up an insect hotel
a beehive made out of wooden pallets with moss growing on the top
Hotel per insetti
a wooden shed filled with lots of different types of wood
Insektenhotel | Hauenstein AG
an illustrated diagram with different types of food in french and english, including carrots, bread
l'école des max | abonnement-livre, bonus et dossiers pédagogiques
a triangle shaped structure made out of various items in the woods with trees and bushes around it
Hôtel à insectes : 30 idées pour l'installer dans son jardin
a bird house made out of old wooden pallets in the middle of a garden
Trädgård | Johanna Kaffepanna
a woman standing in front of a wooden structure with lots of different items on it
Byg dit eget insekthotel - - natur og friluftsliv
several pieces of art are displayed on a wooden shelf with wire wrapped around the edges
Insektbo – et samarbejde mellem sløjd, natur/teknik og matematik
a bunch of plates that are hanging on a wooden wall next to some grass and flowers
Insect Hotels - Encourage Beneficial Insects Into Your Garden
some kind of planter sitting on top of a wooden bench
there is a garden sculpture made out of logs
Insektbo / insekthotel