Pasta Recipes

Looking for quick and delicious pasta recipes that work for both busy weeknights and impressive dinner parties? Look no further than our collection of easy pasta dishes! From classic spaghetti and meatballs to elegant fettuccine alfredo with shrimp, our recipes are guaranteed to please.
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garlic sesame lo mein on a plate with chopsticks and garnishes
Garlic Sesame Lo Mein
A quick and easy Asian noodle side dish, Garlic Sesame Lo Mein is loaded with classic garlic and ginger flavour, as well as nutty toasted sesame seeds. Make it as spicy or as mild as you want with dried red chilies!
#broccolipasta #spaghettipasta #angelhairpasta #pastaforlunch #lunchboxideas #Healthylunch #Broccolirecipes #healthyrecipes #backtoschoolrecipes Are you looking for a quick meal idea or a meatless dinner packed with carbs and veggies? Then add this to your menu. Healthy pasta with broccoli is a powerhouse of nutrients.
Healthy Broccoli Garlic Pasta
#broccolipasta #spaghettipasta #angelhairpasta #pastaforlunch #lunchboxideas #Healthylunch #Broccolirecipes #healthyrecipes #backtoschoolrecipes Are you looking for a quick meal idea or a meatless dinner packed with carbs and veggies? Then add this to your menu. Healthy pasta with broccoli is a powerhouse of nutrients.
two white bowls filled with pasta and vegetables on top of a wooden table next to a jar
Marinated Bruschetta Pasta
This is the ultimate summer pasta salad! Fresh tomatoes are marinated with olive oil, garlic, red onions, and balsamic vinegar before being tossed with cooked pasta and fresh basil. A terrific way to use your best summer fresh tomatoes! #pasta #summerpasta
an advertisement for creamy pasta with tomatoes and basil
Creamy Pesto Ravioli
Alfredo sauce, pesto and white wine combine to form a flavorful creamy sauce that coats mini cheese ravioli and fresh tomatoes. Fresh basil adds the finishing touch to Creamy Pesto Ravioli, a family favorite dinner recipe. An easy pasta recipe!
a pot filled with pasta and vegetables on top of a table
Vegetable Garden Pasta
A quick and healthy dinner made with more veggies than pasta. Vegetable Garden Pasta uses fresh tomatoes, in season vegetables, and fresh herbs! This meal is meatless, vegan, and has gluten-free and grain-free options. No one realizes it’s a healthy pasta dish!
pasta salad in a white bowl with text overlay that reads italian dressing pasta salad
Tri Color Pasta Salad
You’ll be eating this pasta salad all summer long because the variations are endless, plus it’s so easy to make!
a casserole dish with zucchini lasagna rolls
Zucchini Lasagna Rolls
A little lighter on the carbs, Zucchini Lasagna Rolls are prepared by rolling thinly sliced zucchini with spinach, egg, three cheeses, and seasonings. Baked in marinara sauce, don't be fooled by this healthier dish; it is both filling and robust! #zucchini #zucchinirolls #lasagna #lasagnarolls #zucchinilasagna #lowcarb
two white plates filled with pasta on top of a table
Easy Fettuccine Alfredo
Easy Fettuccine Alfredo – A simple pasta dish made with cream, butter, garlic, and Parmesan cheese. Ready in under 30 minutes and virtually fuss-free! #recipe #easy #dinner #pasta #fettuccine #alfredo #creamy #italian #classic #parmesan #cream
creamy sun dried tomato pasta in a white bowl
Creamy sun-dried tomato pasta
Need a quick dinner recipe that delivers on flavor? Try this creamy sun-dried tomato pasta with blackened chicken! #chickenpasta #onepotpasta #pastanight #easyrecipes #30minutemeals #italianfood
two pictures with different types of pasta and vegetables in them, one is chicken pasta salad
Crack Chicken Pasta Salad - Sweet and Savory Meals
Crack Chicken Pasta Salad is made with the ultimate trio of shredded chicken breasts in ranch dressing with crispy bacon on a bed of al dente noodles! #pastasalad #crackchicken #salad #sidedish
creamy beef and shells in a skillet with a wooden spoon over it, on top of
Creamy Beef and Shells [Video]
Creamy Beef and Shells is a hearty pasta dish that is perfect for a quick dinner for the whole family! It is rich, flavorful, and cheesy and even kids will love it! #pasta #beefandshells #easydinner #sweetandsavorymeals #easyrecipes
a white bowl filled with taco pasta on top of a wooden table
Instant Pot Taco Pasta
A family friendly dinner ready quickly. The combination of taco flavor and pasta is perfect for kids and adults. Only five minutes of pressure cook time in the Instant Pot after a quick saute setting. Serve with salad to round out the weeknight dinner. Ground beef, cheese and pasta seems to be the thing kids love to eat most!
a white bowl filled with pasta salad next to tomatoes and spinach on the side
Caprese Pesto Pasta Salad
This Caprese Pesto Pasta Salad recipe has only 4 Ingredients and tastes so good! The best summer pasta salad with pesto and bowtie pasta. Easy, healthy and simple. Serve cold for summer cookouts or dinner. Perfect for a potluck or a quick summer dinner.
a white bowl filled with pasta salad on top of a blue and white checkered napkin
Salad Supreme Pasta Salad Recipe
Salad Supreme Pasta Salad Recipe
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